Dear Readers,

The rising costs of doing business and reduced sales have hit us extremely hard in spite of our fantastic books and enthusiastic efforts of staff and authors alike. We deeply regret that Musa Publishing, LLC closed its virtual doors on March 1, 2015.

Our authors were released from their contracts with us. It is our hope that you will seek out books by the authors you love, and will support them on social media and in their future publishing endeavors.

Your Bookshelf will be available until June 2016 when the domain expires. If you need help with your books after that date, please contact us via the Contact page.

From the hearts of all at Musa, we thank you for your loyalty.

Musa Publishing, LLC

Please do not use this contact form for submissions. You can find the submission guidelines on the Musa Publishing Blog

Customer Service: If you have a problem with your purchase a representative of Musa Publishing will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours and work with you to resolve your problem.
Please note: For e-book purchases, we cannot issue refunds as we cannot verify the product has been removed from all storage media. Musa Customer Service will find another option to assist you with your purchase.

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