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Silhouette of Darkness

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Silhouette of Darkness


Fear dons many masks in these dark tales of brushes with the uncanny.

When the Blight overwhelms the earth, humanity's only defense is to stay awake from dusk until dawn. Tonight, Sean will learn how lethal insomnia is in this new world.

In "Fatal Insomnia" and other stories in Silhouette of Darkness, author George Wilhite explores the horror in unusual places. Enter this dark realm and experience first-hand “a writer that makes a much-needed contribution to this genre, giving us weird fiction/neo-pulp fiction fans something to sink our teeth into that brings to mind that lost age of fiction.” (Bitten by Books)

Sean had seen the monstrosity once, more than a year ago, out of the corner of his eye as he ran for shelter, but when The Blight appeared in the doorway, even he was not prepared for it.

The Blight was a whirlwind, its original vortex obscured by all the victims sucked into it, forced to become elements of its profane evolution. In the doorway, a mass of human flesh swirled in a grotesque dance. Some entire bodies were visible, but most of the souls harvested by The Blight were reduced to severed limbs, organs, eyeballs, faces frozen in living death.

Tank, that indestructible, no fear badass, stood silent and pale, his mouth and eyes gaping open.

The Blight bellowed, sounding like a hundred elephants trumpeting.

It hurled Tank backwards. The house rattled with intense violence. Soaked in sweat, heart pounding, Sean saw in Paula and Jed’s expressions the same fear he was sensing. Would this be the night The Blight would rip our house to shreds?

A new horror appeared in the doorway. From within the whirlwind emerged a black scaly appendage. Sean gaped in revulsion. The Blight’s tongue? The others stood a few paces behind Tank.

The tongue-like tentacle snaked around Tank’s ankle.

“We have to do something!” Sean crept towards the door.

Jed walked forward as well.

Each step was a struggle due to the wind gusting through the doorway. Sean was glad Paula stayed behind. Someone might as well survive if Jed and I just offered ourselves up to this thing.

The Blight made a sucking sound. Dark gelatin oozed from the appendage, covering Tank. Sean retched as the stench of rotten meat filled the room. Tank dissolved, his blood oozing all over the floor. An instant later, what was left of Tank was whisked into the night.

From "Fatal Insomnia"

  • Word Count: 32,000
  • Author: George Wilhite
  • Website: George Wilhite
  • Heat Level: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-61937-527-7
  • Artist: Kelly Shorten
  • Editor: Elizabeth Hinds

Matthew Keith Reviews

Reviewer: Matthew Keith

Rating: 5.0

Review: George Wilhite has brought together a group of twelve short stories, all written in a dark, modern, and intriguing tone. For me, this collection was…

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