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Shifter's Dance

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Shifter's Dance

Book 7 of The Wiccan Haus


A bear-shifter and a blinded ballerina dance around their feelings for each other as she navigates her new life--and teaches him a thing or two about strength.

Romy Lewis, a ballet dancer at the peak of her career, loses everything when she is blinded by a mean prank. Her agent suggests a visit to the Wiccan Haus resort to sort out what she wants to do with her life now that both her career and her eyesight have been taken from her.

Stephen Bonsaint, bear shifter, computer programmer, and erstwhile spy, always figured he'd meet a sturdy mama bear someday and have a couple of cubs with her. A tiny human ballet dancer who can't even see is not at all who he imagined as a mate.

Together they dance around their feelings for each other as Romy learns how to navigate her new life, and Stephen learns that sometimes, strength isn't something you can see from the outside.

She tasted sweet, like the wine they’d served with dinner. At first she stiffened in his arms and then she relaxed, one hand coming up to stroke tentatively at his face as he nudged and nibbled, teasing and tempting until her lips parted and oh, hell. The whimpering sound she made went straight to his cock, and the southern rush of blood left him lightheaded.

He tugged her into his lap, pulling her legs around his waist as he deepened the kiss. He couldn’t get enough of her and it was crazy, but she seemed to feel exactly the same way. Her athletic body undulated against his and he felt her teeth graze his lower lip. He was quickly skipping over the “Let’s get to know each other” part of the evening and moving straight on to the “If I don’t see you naked I’m gonna die” part.

“Yoga.” He pulled away from the temptation of her mouth, groaning as she snuggled her face into the place where his neck and shoulder met, sucking on the tendon there.

“Mmm.” The noise she made sounded… happy. Content. No way she should be making that noise. She wasn’t a shifter, wouldn’t get the whole “mate” thing.

It was as if she realized it too in that next moment.

“What the--?” She sat up and pushed away from him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t do that again.” She stood on trembling legs.

“I promise, I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” He was babbling. He had to say something other than I’m sorry. “Romy, I didn’t mean to assault you, I just wanted to comfort you and it got out of hand. You’re a beautiful woman, but that’s no excuse for groping you like that.”

“You didn’t assault me.” She shook her head. “No, I wanted that as much as you did, it just surprised me. It’s not like me. Heck I don’t even know what you look like.”

“Give me your hand.”

She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth. This man was filling her senses. He was big and his body was hard-muscled and when he’d tugged her onto his lap, she’d felt alive and achy—full of need. His voice was rough and growly and sent shivers down her spine, and the way he smelled and tasted, like he’d been custom-ordered off the dessert menu just for her? Divine.

She gave him her hand. She heard and felt his chuckle as he laid it against his cheek.

“This is how they do it in movies.”

She explored his face with her hands. A thick beard, soft under her fingers, framing the full lips that moments ago had been stoking her desire to a fever pitch. An elegant, aquiline nose. Attached earlobes. Long eyelashes. Hair that slipped like silk through her fingers. Well, that was a surprise.

“What color is your hair?”


“Brown like chocolate? Brown like honey? Brown like chestnuts?”

“It’s just brown, Romy.”

“Stephen.” She didn’t even attempt to keep the frustration out of her voice. “I can’t see, but I remember seeing. There is no ‘just brown.’ Tell me.” She was trying to picture him in her mind, and the possibilities were endless.

“Brown like a cup of tea, and my beard has a little red in it.”

She could see it then.

“And your eyes?”

“Darker brown. Trade the tea for a black coffee.”

“You’re handsome.” She took her hand back. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, and thank you for the compliment.”

“Don’t let it go to your head. It’s not like I can see or anything.”

  • Word Count: 25,000
  • Author: Vanessa North
  • Website: Vanessa North
  • Heat Level: 4
  • ISBN: 978-1-61937-442-3
  • Artist: Kelly Shorten
  • Editor: Elizabeth Silver

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