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John's Match

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John's Match

Book 3 of Woodland Village


Fantasy writer Scott Marwick just might be John’s financial savior if John can convince Scott to sign over the character rights for a new computer game. John befriends Scott for one purpose -- to get him to sign -- never planning on falling in love. When John shatters Scott’s trust, can Scott forgive and move on from his past mistakes?

John Kramer discovers two guys humping on the hood of his Ferrari in the parking lot of the local gay bar. When he finds one of the pair alone and in a drunken stupor, John drives him home. To his surprise, the young man’s father is his new next door neighbor, Scott Marwick. Tempers flare when Scott accuses John of getting his son inebriated and taking advantage of him. John plans to never see the man again.

Then John’s boss flips out when he finds out the jerk next door is Scott Marwick, a temperamental, but famous fantasy writer. The elusive author could save their company from financial ruin if they can get him to sign over his characters for a computer game. Ryan insists John befriend Scott, show him around the Village and get him to agree to a meeting.

The last thing Scott needs is friends. He moved to Woodland Village to forget about the past and to write. Since his partner’s death three years ago, he hasn’t written one word, and his agent, publisher, and fans are clamoring for the final book of his award-winning series. His life is spiraling out of control and he doesn’t know if he can finish his series. He doesn’t need the complication of love and he certainly wouldn’t associate his name with a computer game.

But when John’s life begins to fall apart, Scott must decide where his loyalties lie -- with John or his principles.

Rob groaned and his head wobbled on his father’s shoulder. “Don’t feel so good…” Then his head thumped down, and the kid passed out.

“I’m putting him to bed. You—” Scott pointed to John “—stay put.”

John bristled under the command. He should get the hell out of there, but the bastard was his neighbor. All he needed was all-out war between him and this asshole.

Scott returned, shutting the door behind him.

He tightened the belt of his robe. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t ever want you near Rob again.”

John was never tongue-tied, but the piercing glare of those dark, dark eyes under the overhead light left him unbalanced. Were they navy blue or brown…too hard to tell, the black lashes thick and distracting.

John straightened his tie. He’d be damn if he moved first. “Look, we’re neighbors, so let’s be reasonable, here.”

“Rob never gets drunk, and he doesn’t take drugs.”

Yeah, and the sun sets in the East.

The man either had no clue about his son’s lifestyle or was in denial. John’d had enough of being accused for an action he hadn’t committed. He was too old for that shit.

John closed the space between them, pleased when he saw the muscle in Scott’s jaw tense. They were almost the same height, but John had the advantage of buffed muscles, a solid chest and his clean, well pressed clothes. He knew he looked good, kept in shape, and had too many admirers to worry about what this piece of shit thought of him.

“Let’s get something straight. I’m not the type of man who gives drugs to get a piece of ass.” He shoved Scott back with a well place palm to his chest, noting with surprise how firm it felt under the material. “I told you the truth. I found Rob drunk and gave him a ride. I suggest you talk with your son and find out why he had to get so pissing drunk he’d throw up all over your hedge bush.”

“Why you son of a bitch—”

John blocked the upraised hand. “Temper, temper…” He escaped down the porch steps two at a time, smiling as curses followed him all the way to his car.

Well, that didn’t go so well.

What a way to end his night.

He’d keep this encounter to himself. His friends would just tease him that he got what he’d deserved for sticking his neck out. Well, hopefully he wouldn’t have too much interaction with his neighbor. All they shared was a stretch of beach with other residents on their street. If John was lucky, he’d never have to talk with the man again.

  • Word Count: 43,000
  • Author: Viki Lyn
  • Website: Viki Lyn
  • Heat Level: 5
  • ISBN: 978-1-61937-248-1
  • Artist: Kelly Shorten
  • Editor: Elizabeth Silver

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