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Choosing the right cannabis for a medical reason can be tricky. It can be difficult especially if you're new to cannabis. It is important to know the two main types of THC, Sativa, and Indica. Those suffering from pain tend to lean toward Indicas as it keeps chronic aches at bay. Insomnia is a common medical issue that folks use Indica cannabis to treat. On the other hand, Sativa acts the exact opposite, instead of a numbing body high, the user will experience an uplifting euphoric feeling. Medical patients with issues in the mind such as anxiety will find these mind-altering Sativas helpful.

Those with low to no appetite can find an appetite after using either THC types. ADHD is another mental issue that can be treated with the use of Sativa strains. The high energy buzz of the uplifting strains gives focus and creativity to those willing to try the herb. Depression can be another mental issue treatable with Sativa bringing serotonin levels up. Something else to note is eatables have just as well an effect for those that don't want to smoke it. As you can see there is a lot to know before you dive into the world of herbal cannabis medicine. For the most part, the benefits are noticed in the immunity response it is also noticed in mood and emotional adjustment.

Some research even points to neuroprotection from locomotive disorders such as spasms and epilepsy. Keep in mind there are some side effects of using cannabis such as a dry mouth and or tiredness. Those are side effects most commonly noticed in small doses. But when it comes to larger doses the effects can range any from the spins (dizzy) followed by nausea and in some cases psychedelic experiences. Like all medicine, cannabis is best taken in moderation, remember that when choosing the right strain for medical reasons. Another note to take with you when choosing a strain is that every type of cannabis can have both types of THC Sativa and Indica just look at the levels of each to get an idea on the way it will affect you.

Now that you have a decent background knowledge you can begin your search for a personalized strain that meets your medical or recreational needs. Anxiety seems to be one of the most commonly treated issues with medical marijuana. One strain that comes to mind that does a great job at ignoring anxiety is Harlequin. The strain might be labeled as a CBD it does a great job of bringing up your mood and waving anxiety away. The strain is used more often with medical patients than recreational due to its lower levels of THC which in turn give a medical user more energy after using. Medical cannabis user looking for a strain that can treat insomnia have found Cherry Pie a suitable choice. When smoked the user finds themselves in a sleepy state with only a few minutes of laying down separate the user from reality and the dream realm.

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