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Have you been searching for the latest products but have no idea where to start? Then check SmokeyTheCloud.com where all of the vaporizers you see are customer recommended. Don't feel like your left in the dark searching for the best vape possible. There are many types of portable/handheld models. Also, for the home sessions, you can get the desktop models that make a big difference. What kind of vaping device do you need? Smokey The Cloud has you covered whether its e-juice, wax or dry herb you're trying to vape you can find any equipment there. You can also find assorted e-liquids that have just dropped so get them while supplies last. I almost forgot to mention all of the great deals that happen sitewide!

Guide to vape kits for beginners.

Not sure what to start with when it comes to rigs or vaporizers? Companies have made it much easier to get into the vape world with starter kits. At Smokeythecloud.com, you can find top rated brands along with their signature starter kits. The kits come with everything you need to vape right from the box. Although charging may be required with some vape models. Accessories that might go in now vape kits vary. E-pen kits usually come with the battery plus a charger, and sometimes a tank is also included. Overall vaping this way might seem expensive at first until you see how long juices/extracts or dry herb last with better equipment. WIth kits, you will go from beginner to veteran vaper in no time!

What's the latest box mod attachment?

If you want to get the latest RBA's, wide based and small tanks are the trending thing. At one point, the RBA was the only way to get high performance out of an attachment. Now you can buy a drop in or pre-made coil made by different companies for varies performance styles. RBA savvy users like to spin their form of loops for precise settings and OHM ratios.

The difference between RDA's and RTA's?

Have you heard the terms RTA's and RDA's wondering what the heck is that? RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer which is a device that has customizable coils that the user then wraps around a wick. RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, the most common for big cloud makers. With these types of attachments, a vape user has full adjustability right down to the ohms.

What is an RBA, and what does it stand for?

"RBA" is short for "ReBuildable Atomizers" which are popular vaping systems that let the user customize the coils. When customizing you can create/twist up your loop attach it to the piece and add a cotton wick. A real vaping enthusiast will love this kind of setup for their box mod. There are two types of atomizer systems RDA's which is short for "Rebuildable Drip Atomizer" and RTA "Rebuildable Tank Atomizers." Both methods are great, but in the end, it's what the users prefer.

Resources Used: http://www.smokeythecloud.com/

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