Hybrid Cannabis Seeds: Beginner Guide

Cannabis, like other plants, exists in pure form and hybrid form. As the cannabis industry is growing, the pure and mixed cannabis seeds are mixing and remixed to make new seeds strains. Different types of cannabis seeds go through the breeding process, result in hybrid cannabis seeds. These hybrid cannabis seeds are man-made with specific properties. When various seeds such as indica, sativa and ruderalis strain are combined, they produce new variants of seeds that are entirely different from input seeds and contain all the characteristics which consumers require. AK47 feminized seeds, AK47 regular seeds, auto-flowering feminized seeds, blue cheese and blue dream, are some examples of hybrid cannabis seeds. In this blog, you'll learn about hybrid cannabis seeds, various hybrid strains, characteristics of hybrid cannabis seeds and the best 4 hybrid cannabis seeds to buy.

Hybrid strains in the cannabis industry

There are four hybrid strains in the cannabis industry which are given below:

i. Sativa&Sativa

Two Sativa varieties of cannabis are bred together, resulting in sativa&sativa hybrid cannabis seeds.

ii. Indica&Indica

Two Indica varieties of cannabis bred together, resulting in indica&indica hybrid cannabis seeds.

iii. Sativa&Indica

In the seeds of this hybrid strain, characteristics of both seeds are present, but Sativa is dominant.

iv. Indica&Sativa

In the seeds of this hybrid strain, characteristics of both seeds are present, but indica is dominant.

Characteristics of hybrid cannabis seeds

Hybrid cannabis seeds will express the characteristics of both seeds; Indica and Sativa. One cannabis variant is dominant in some cases and sometimes not. Hybrid cannabis seeds will germinate and produce flowers after 8-10 weeks, resulting in a full range of terpenes, growth structure and bud appearance. Hybrid cannabis seeds grow 70-140cm in height depending upon variety, climate and pot size. Hybrid seeds are more accessible to grow than pure strains, medium-tall height, grow only in ideal conditions.

Best hybrid cannabis seeds

The four best hybrid cannabis seeds are given below with their description:

i. Franco's Lemon Haze from Green House Seeds

These kinds of hybrid cannabis seeds are made from crossbreeding of indica&sativa. The flowering time of Franco's Lemon Haze from Green House Seeds is 10 weeks. These seeds grow under the right conditions. Indeed, it is the best available strain of hybrid seeds.

ii. Chocolate from Amsterdam Genetics

The flowering time of Chocolate from Amsterdam Genetics is 10 weeks with a production rate of 800gr/m2. The growing plants with these hybrid plants are medium tall and wide branches. These hybrid seeds grow in equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates.

iii. Girl Scout Cookies from The Seeds Depot

These hybrid plants are mould resistant and robust. It has extreme potency, good quality and prominent harvest potential characteristics. These seeds start to germinate in the first week and take only one 9 weeks to grow. But, sometimes, it can take one week more for unlocking the full wonders of its Haze bouquet.

iv. Mendocino Skunk from The Seeds Depot

The combination of sativa&indica strains forms these hybrid seeds. These seeds grown plants are shorter and bushier than many varieties. Due to its hybrid composition, it is appealing in medical fields.

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