Best NFT Game of 2022: Vivaion Metaverse

Since the advent of NFT (Non-Functional Tokens), NFT has often shown the potential to change the game world [1]. The advent of NFT promises a new and exciting order in which players play an even more important role in the gaming economy and receive a decent reward in the process. Today, game developers are increasingly adopting blockchain technology, giving the game a more immersive feel, and this game paradigm is beginning to take shape. This guide provides an overview of the best NFT game platform such as Vivaion Metaverse [2].

So in this regard, 2022 is about to become an even bigger year for this kind of project. 2021 was the year that established the presence of NFTs among consumers, but 2022 would be the year that further develops this.

Let's first explain how NFT games work?

How Do NFT Games Work?

The NFT game is different from simply having crypto collections in a wallet. NFT games use NFT for rules, mechanisms, and player interaction. For example, you can express your unique character or avatar in a game as NFT. Digital items found during the game can also be NFT. NFTs can be exchanged with other players or traded to earn profits. Plus, you can earn money from NFT games with Play to earn models [3].

Best NFT Based Gaming Metaverse in 2022: Vivaion Metaverse

Vivaion Metaverse is the next-generation open-world MMORPG powered by the Solana blockchain. It has a custom NFT inventory foundation that offers unlimited possibilities for in-game Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Trade events and systems. Vivaion Metaverse is built using Unreal Engine 4 and is available across platforms to be scaled up to the sky. In addition, Vivaion provides players with wealth-generating features such as Play to Earn and Play to Trade while providing a full-scale gaming experience.

Features: Vivaion Metaverse can give players the power to own some of their own games and change the story inside the Vivaion. It gives players the freedom to customize land, cars, and characters and add a variety of buffs. Plus, Vivaion has opened a book and wants the players to write their success stories.

Additionally, the integration of the Solana blockchain will allow Vivaion to have a booming NFT economy that has been ultimately affected by player-based influences. With Solana, all players can own in-game assets and make NFTs through craft and charging to have a broader impact on Vivaion development. In addition, all the characters in Vivaion are unique and can only be mint once. The Vivaion Metaverse also earned the highest score of 9.7/10 for gamers [4]. Furthermore, Vivaion Metaverse most commonly used model in their games, such as Play to earn and play to trade to make wealth for Gamers and NFT artists. Last but not least, vivaion Metaverse also provides the opportunity for gamers to socialize with other players.

How to access and play the Vivaion Games

By downloading and running the launcher, players will be able to access the Solana Metaverse on their PC. The game will be equipped with VR features and will be able to increase immersiveness by using Vive, Meta Quest 2, and Microsoft Hololens. NFTs can be purchased in the SOLsea and also on the Vivaion marketplace [5].

Bottom Line

NFT gaming uses digital collectibles to create rules for players to interact with NFTs. NFTs have some value in their collectibility and others in their practicality. Many NFT games function in the gaming world like Play-to-earn and Play- to-Trade for wealth generation, such as the leading game platform named "Vivaion Metaverse ."So, Vivaion Metaverse is now creating a new NFT gaming economy and changing how people earn money using NFT. To make money, you need to visit our website (Vivaion Metaverse) and play the best NFT game to earn and trade your NFTs.

The popularity of NFT Games

NFT games are a one-way NFT boom that is profitable for investors. Many NFT games have a built-in financial model that allows players to earn money while playing. Because NFT games are more popular than last year, in other words, this rise could raise economic potential in 2022 [6]. Some games are starting to stand out as players can make money and have become interesting such as Vivaion Metaverse. So, it would be a positive sign for economic indicators [7].

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